YH (ܞ) Pendant [Sterling Silver] - Out of Stock

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YH (ܞ) Pendant [Sterling Silver] - Out of Stock

Elegant and stunning. This most ancient symbol of faith is brought to life in Sterling Silver and adorned with a dazzling array of incandescent cubic zirconia. YH (YOD-HEH; pronounced YAH) is the shorter form of the set-apart Name; YHWH.

With three points above signifying The Holy Trinity (3 Qnume) and one point below signifying the singular nature of God (1 Kyana), the ancient YH (ܞ) insignia epitomizes the theology of the Church concerning the doctrine of God.

This shorter form of YHWH occurs twice in Exodus (15:2 and 17:15). The former passage is echoed in Isa. 12:2 and Ps. 118:14.

YH is frequently used in combination with names or phrases as either a suffix or prefix, for example:

  • ELIJAH: my God is YAH
  • ISAIAH: YAH is Saviour
  • MALKIJAH: My King is YAH


Pendant size: 0.826 inch (21 mm) x 0.826 inch (21 mm)
Chain size: 15.5 inch (395 mm)



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