YH (ܞ) Cross - Ornate [Sterling Silver]

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YH (ܞ) Cross - Ornate [Sterling Silver]

Dazzling and brilliant this elegantly designed sterling silver Cross pendant will light up any room. Featuring a classic arc shaped Cross bejeweled with cubic zirconia and crowned with the ancient YH (ܞ) insignia denoting the Name of God. You will love wearing this pendant close to your heart.

Pendant size: 1 inch (25 mm) x 0.708 inch (18 mm)
Chain size: 15.5 inch (395 mm)


Sterling silver jewellery

Sterling silver is one of the world’s most sought after precious metals; and its lustrous and luxurious appearance makes it ideal for classic jewelry pieces. Our Sterling Silver pieces are highly durable, immaculately polished and reasonably lightweight making them easy to wear and alluring to look at. Sterling Silver is brighter and whiter than platinum or gold delivering a shining bright white, glistening appearance.