Some of our favorite web-pages below. Be sure to pay them a visit. Enjoy.


Dukhrana Biblical Research
Various tools to aid in the study of the Peshitta, the Bible in Assyrian/Aramaic/Syriac.
Peshitta Assyrian(Aramaic)/English Interlinear New Testament. 


Rinyo creates modern resources for the Syriac language in its various dialects. From mobile games and apps, to songs, videos, and interactive books, Rinyo excels in offering exciting learning tools for all ages globally.


Assyrian Languages
Online Assyrian/English dictionary. 


Assyrian International News Agency
News and analysis of Assyrian and Assyrian-related issues worldwide.


Assyria TV
Assyria TV seeks to engage with all the issues that affect the Assyrian nation, both internal and external.


Seyfo Center
Established to bring awareness to the Assyrian Genocide by publishing and distributing books to institutions and parliaments, organizing conferences, and lobbying governments.


The Assyria Council of Europe (ACE)
An independent body with the aim of raising awareness in the EU of the plight of the Assyrian people living on their ancestral lands in Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran, an area known as historic Assyria.