Custom Assyrian/Aramaic Name Necklace [Sterling Silver]

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Custom Assyrian/Aramaic Name Necklace [Sterling Silver]

The perfect personalized gift. With an option of two scripts to spell the name of your choice, these necklaces are guaranteed to be a unique talking piece. Decide between the beauty of Esṭrangēlā (ܐܣܛܪܢܓܠܐ), the oldest most classical form of the Assyrian/Aramaic alphabet or the simple and elegant Swāḏāyā (ܣܘܵܕ݂ܵܝܵܐ), the contemporary derivative. Alternatively, you can choose the vertical mirrored Esṭrangēlā Script which creates an extraordinary artful conception with a stunning finish.

Once you have chosen your name and preferred Script, you have designed a one-of-a-kind necklace to treasure forever.

Note: as these pieces are individually crafted to order please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery.


Sterling silver jewellery

Sterling silver is one of the world’s most sought after precious metals; and its lustrous and luxurious appearance makes it ideal for classic jewelry pieces. Our Sterling Silver pieces are highly durable, immaculately polished and reasonably lightweight making them easy to wear and alluring to look at. Sterling Silver is brighter and whiter than platinum or gold delivering a shining bright white, glistening appearance.