Assyrian Playing Cards - Royal Series - 1 Set (2 Decks)

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Assyrian Playing Cards - Royal Series -  1 Set (2 Decks)

These collectable, professional casino-grade playing cards have been meticulously illustrated by our design team who have left no detail untouched. The back of the cards are adorned with an authentic Assyrian motif depicting two protective Apkallu and the Assyrian Star (star of Shamash) bordered by classic Assyrian rosettes and a geometric cuneiform pattern.

With simple yet sophisticated design elements in mind, the number cards (2-10) are inscribed with their corresponding cuneiform numeral.

The brilliant colossal statue of Lamassu lend inspiration to the design of the ace cards.

The magnum opus of the design is without a doubt the face cards. Picturing legitimate historical figures of Assyrian monarchs reproduced from actual relief panels, they depict King Sargon II (Šarru-ukīn), Queen Libbāli-šarrat the wife of Ashurbanipal and Crown Prince Sennacherib who would subsequently ascend the throne as King.

There is little question that these cards are fit for royalty!

Whether you prefer the more traditional game of Kon Kan, Mustarr or Pata Koomta, or you consider yourself a bracelet contender for the WSOP Texas hold 'em tournament you can be sure to go "all in" with these unique playing cards.


Each Set includes 2 Decks (one red & one blue)

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